sprinkler repair

Sprinkler Repair

Broken sprays heads and rotors are the biggest cause of damage to a landscape. Most times they go undetected until a dead area appears in the lawn or plants are dead. A broken sprinkler head can loose up 5 gallons per minute. This may cause the pressure in the entire zone to drop and make the heads not pop-up, which causes landscape damage.

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leak detection

Leak Detection

most leaks go undetected until the water bill comes. Irrigation leaks can be caused by small cracks in the mainline or a valve that does seal properly. When a valve does not seal properly, water slowly bleeds through the valve causing water to run slowly out of the sprinkler heads. Many times this goes undetected until a wet squishy area is found.

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sprinklers in lawn

Sustainable Water Use

Sustainability is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Water is one most precious commodities that we have on earth. If we continue to irrigate using old school principals our future generations will not have fresh water and the cost of our produce and live stock will continue to rise. Please see our smart irrigation page for more info.

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micro irrigation

Drip and Micro Irrigation

Are a great way to supplement landscape bed areas. It uses small amounts of water to the root of the plant where the roots absorb the water and is not wasted by over head irrigation which most of the water is lost due to wind and evaporation.

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water wise controller

Smart Controllers

smart irrigation is the leading technology in our industry. Using a smart controller can decrease water consumption up to 45%. Elite Irrigation Maintenance is a leading contractor in smart irrigation technology. Please see our smart irrigation page.

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irrigation valves

Valve Replacements

when a valve goes bad it will stick open causing the water to run on that particular zone. A solenoid on the valve can also go bad and cause a valve not to work. This can cause damage to you lawn and landscape.

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Your trusted irrigation contractor serving the Orlando and surrounding areas. We will inspect your property and take care of all of your irrigation needs. Repairs or installation and maintenance, private or commercial property, we've got you covered. Want to light up your garden by night, we also do landscape lighting! Want to go green and grow your own veggies, we can get your veggie garden up and running in no time. No more frustrating hassles while saving you time and money!

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Maintenance and Inspection Programs


Creative designs for a top garden!

A great maintenance plan on a monthly or quarterly bases can protect your landscape and save on water bills. We check for leaks, make sure the sprinklers and valves are working properly as well as service your pumps and controllers to make sure your property is getting the right amount of water at the right times. We inspect to detect the problems and fix them.

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