Irrigation Design

"A care free garden starts with the design".
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Irrigation Design Services

A garden has a natural design, plants have a habit of growing where they get the right amount of sunlight and the right amount of water. Plants that do not need a lot of sunlight will typically grow in the shade. The same goes for plants that need a lot of water, they will typically grow in the zones of your property that receive the most water and where water collects.

We identify the different zones on your property and then we design an irrigation system that suits your property.

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Landscaping Ideas



Landscaping is a creative process. Designing the look of the outside of your property is fun. Which plants would you like and where should they go? Whiuch areas do you want as a lawn and which grass is the best to use? If you have a commercial property that needs a tidy lawn and a few trees without is costing you a fortune we select the plants that grow easy in your area and use the least amount of water.

A beautiful garden does not have to cost a fortune, just be smart about it.


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Do you like to add some color to your property? We can design beautiful beddings for your flowering plants and make sure they get exactly what they need.

  • Beddings in direct sunlight support flowering plants that require a lot of sun.
  • Beddings in shaded areas support flowering plants that do not require a lot of sun.
  • Vegetable patches are also a great addition to your garden as well as your kitchen.

We have seen many beautiful gardens and we have some great ideas to make yours look spectacular

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Irrigation Design

Irrigation Design

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It is important to not only make your property look beautiful but we also have to make sure the water use makes sense. We design an irrigation system that will fit the needs of every plant on your property as well as your lawns. Irrigation systems are there to help your plants get exactly what they need when they need it. Our irrigation systems are inconspicuous to keep the natural feel of your garden or property.

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Water Wise Designs

Save Water - Save Money


We take pride in our water wise designs which are custom-made for every property. Taking all the natural aspects in account we design irrigation systems that optimize water use. We design your system to save water, saving you money and making sure you are doing your bit for the environment.

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Landscape Lighting Designs

The Right Atmosphere - by Night

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We do landscape lighting. Landscape lighting are lights that automatically or manually light up in your garden. Strategic placement of the right strenght of light in your outside area can create a beautiful, tasteful atmosphere. It can also light up the dark driveway making sure you get to your front door safely when coming home late at night. Do it wrong and it might look like Christmas all year round. We have highy qualified technicians that know what works and what doesn't. We install all of the necessary lights and electrical system.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide you with honest, complete and detailed information about our services and about irrigation in central Florida in general. Our commitment is extended towards the environment. With all installation we do an environment impact analysis. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question you have. We are happy to reply.


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